North Fort Myers Recreation Center

Enrollment for the Fall Semester Coming Soon!

This ballet class is a captivating program for ages 5-12. Children develop a strong ballet foundation, mastering essential positions and movements while embracing creativity and self-expression. Dancing to classical music, they cultivate rhythm and grace. This class fosters collaboration, friendships, and social skills, creating a supportive environment. Join us to nurture a lifelong love for ballet in a wonderful, artistic journey.

What You'll Need

Please ensure that your child has the following items labeled with their first and last name. If you purchase ballet shoes with elastic ties, please double knot the ties for the proper fit and then cut the excess elastic. These items are not included in your tuition. You will be able to find these dance items at Target, Walmart, Amazon, or your local dance supply store. If you need assistance in finding dance supplies, contact us for a shopping list with links!

Girls: Pink Leather Ballet Shoes, Pink or Black Dance Leotard, & Pink Tights

Boys: Black Leather Ballet Shoes, Black Tank Top or Shirt, Black Shorts or Pants