Desirae Frier

Desirae Frier has been dancing since she was two years old, and started teaching at a very young age. She has a strong background in many genres, but specializes in jazz, ballet, contemporary, acrobatics, and lyrical. 

Desirae started to notice her passion for dance through dancing recreationally, and later decided to start dancing competitively, at the age of eight. During her time competing, she won multiple awards, including first overall in her solo category, and being titled as Miss Broadway, Most Entertaining. In her younger years of dancing, she traveled and performed at numerous places, including Downtown Disney. 

Desirae attended Cypress Lake High School, an arts school in Fort Myers, FL, where she was accepted into the Dance Department, and the Newton’s Law Dance Company. During her studies in high school, she focused on choreography and the specific genres of ballet, modern, jazz, and tap. She also attended the National High School Dance Festival three years in a row, and took master classes at the Broadway Dance Center. Her senior year of high school, she was elected as president of the National Honors Society for Dance Arts. 

Upon graduating high school, Desirae continued to pursue her dreams, by joining the Golden Bulls Dance Club at the University of South Florida and later, founding Coastal Dance Company. She is super excited to continue to share her passion of dance with the younger generation!